OpenLeaf CBD – CBD Oil or CBD Tinctures?

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When buying a CBD product, you may ask yourself: “What is the difference between CBD oil and CBD tinctures? 


CBD oils are extracted from the hemp plant, including seeds, stalks, and flowers. CBD oil is more potent than its tincture counterpart.

CBD oils have a base substance that usually consists of coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil and, vegetable glycerin. CBD oil can be used in a vape. Also, CBD oil can be mixed with food or drink.


CBD tinctures are produced in a 60%-70% alcohol-based mixture, which includes glycerin and peppermint oil. CBD tinctures have a longer shelf life because of their alcohol base. CBD tinctures are not as potent as CBD oil though. CBD tinctures are used orally.

Both CBD oils and tinctures have zero psychoactive effects – and most contain less than .03 THC.


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