OpenLeaf CBD – How a CBD pre-roll can help you

The ritual of a pre-roll:

Rolling Paper.


Lighter or Match.

The aroma itself from a CBD pre-roll can induce a stage of calmness – when choosing a CBD pre-roll for your mental or physical health, it’s best to know the feeling you wish to achieve from smoking it.

An Indica vs Sativa comparison is crucial to your needs and wants.

Have two rowdy kids at home? How about a task of errands you need to accomplish?

Then your go-to strain would be Sativa. You stay active while maintaining the effects of the CBD.

Have anxiety? Is stress too much for you?

Sativa is the best strain to help with that.

Had a long day at work? Want to relax?

Then your go-to strain would be Indica. You mellow-out into a bliss of relaxation and eventually you’ll feel the need for a good night’s rest.

Body sore? Not getting enough sleep?

Indica is the best strain to help with that.

Pre-roll’s are a good choice for anyone who wants to maintain the ritual aspect of rolling their own flower, or you can enjoy a pre-roll from a store – it eliminates the need for a pipe, and is easy to take with you on a hike or outing.

What choice should you choose between a vape and a pre-roll?

The vape will condense the aroma of the CBD and won’t exhibit the smoking qualities of a paper. The vape and pre-roll are both fast acting. The vape is compactable and easy to store in your pocket or purse. The pre-roll is a ritual aspect, you light the flower, inhale it, and blow out the smoke – many people have formed a habitual habit of this; thus, CBD pre-rolls can help cut cigarettes and cigars out of your life.

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