OpenLeaf CBD – Where can I buy CBD and Delta 8 in Georgia?

Delta 8 and CBD are regularly available in the state of Georgia, but many people do not know what stores to trust. the CBD industry is not well-regulated and buying from a company you can trust is important to the safety of your body.

Here at OpenLeaf CBD all of our products are domestic (Made in America) and have the top-of-the-line CBD available – with no additives or fillers. The worst place you can purchase CBD or Delta 8 THC is at a gas station.

Gas stations do not have the experience or knowledge with CBD/THC products and often import their products from overseas. If you ask them a question about CBD/THC they often state “they do not know” or defer the question to “our customers like this product.”

Many of our customers here at OpenLeaf CBD will bring up the fact that they bought CBD or Delta 8 at a cheap price during a gas station trip and had a negative experience with it. This is because most products sold at a cheap price contain additives and don’t have the proper CBD or THC levels that our domestic products have.

Another thing to look out for is the usage of a Q-Code (barcode) that is presented on the back of all CBD/THC products. If you scan the code with your phone and do not get taken to a legitimate website that contains a third-party report of the product you are buying, then you are more than likely getting a substandard product with additives.

At OpenLeaf CBD we pride ourselves in the ability to provide safe products and will benefit your body and mind. We are knowledgeable with the facts and can help you pick out the best product for your money. We are excited to announce that our employees take training courses and have experience with the products they’re selling. Do not trust cheaper options of brands you haven’t heard of. Choose a reputable CBD store that carries brands that are ranked in the top 30 CBD/Delta 8 categories.

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