CBD: Popular Among Millennials

1 in 3 US adults, and half of millennials, have tried at least one CBD product. Before the pandemic, CBD went from being a secret amalgamation enjoyed by few to a nearly inevitable presence in retail stores across the US. Millennials and Gen X account for more than two-thirds of CBD users, up 65% since 2019.

Some credit the pandemic as being the reason for the surge in recent usage, but millennials have been labeled the most health concious generation ever so it makes perfect sense that their journey for healthly living reached into the Hemp industry. Millenninals seem to be making the turn away from pharmaceuticals in favor of more natural remedies. This is especially true when it comes to pain management. The health benefit that seems to be most associated with CBD is pain relief and its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

The pandemic brought mental health into the spotlight as well. Research showed more consumers using CBD for anxiety and restlessness. Although research is always on going and has shown promise in terms of anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic properties, CBD is not designed to replace any prescriptions. The goal of CBD, of course, is to work within your body to maintain your ENS.

The ENS is responsible for a ton of biological processes and CBD interacts with each one of them. A concept that attracts millennials is that CBD acts on a large scale unlike medicines that are designed to focus on one area of treatment within the body. Instead of addressing the symptoms with one physical concern like medicines are supposed to do, CBD address the body as a whole since it interacts with those special receptors found in all major internal systems. The fact that CBD users achieve different results confirms that our bodies and the ways our bodies require ECS regulation remain individual.

Millennials currently make up the largest generation ever to exist and their buying tendencies seem to be shaped by the advancement of digital technology, the rise of social media, and a big shift in consciousness away from synthetic living and return to more natural roots when it comes to health and self care.

While 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, a huge 73% of millennials support the cause. And well, there is honestly nothing more sustainable than hemp!

Author: OpenLeaf CBD

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