HHC: The Next Big One

Sometimes in the 1940’s, Chemist Roger Adams created HHC by adding hydrogen to THC molecules. This is known as hydrogenation. Hydrogenation alters the structure of Delta 9 THC by replacing the double bond with two hydrogen atoms. Seems simple right?

The truth is, the process by which HHC is made takes many steps. CBD is extacted and isolated in powder form, but from there, things get way more complicated. Without getting too technical and explaining a process I know I had a hard time understanding, much less trying to explain to you guys, I will tell you manufacturing HHC takes places in a chemical reactor; CBD goes in and HHC comes out. HHC is described as dark golden oil before it is distilled.

HHC can have THC effects on the body and mind but HHC is less potent, milligram per milligram, than Delta 8.

One consumer says he takes HHC before going to the gym. Aside from a faint plastic taste, he feels more focused and slightly energized. He also said he wasn’t suffering from any pain.

There is no standard dose and there is little to no research on the immediate or long term effects so until HHC comes under a state regulated system, consumers will have to determine the risks and benefits for themselves.

Author: OpenLeaf CBD

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