Can CBD Help with Headaches?

Most people have had at least one headache in their lifetime. But then there are those of us who have what is called “The Headache.” In my family, we suffer from the most debilitaling migraines that my grandfather not-so lovingly called those dreaded events “The Headache.” I use the term ‘events’ because that’s really what they were; lasting anywhere from two to twelve hours. My grandad would come home, lay on the couch and ask me to rub his temples until lunch or dinner was ready, whichever he was home for. As he got older, “The Headaches” became more intense. His favorite cure was a Coca-Cola and a Goody Powder.

As I was putting this article together, I came across four types of hadaches: tension, cluster, sinus and migraine. While each one of these feels differently, some maybe more painful, but it’s still a headache. They can disrupt your life. Some can be so severe you can’t leave your dark quiet room for one or more days.

There is good news! Many people who deal with headaches and migraines often report that CBD products help relieve aches and pains. At the Headache Institute, it is reported that 86% of respondants said they had “a decrease in headache activity” after using CBD for thirty (30) days. I am also cursed with “The Headache” and one day, my head started hurting towards the end of the day. I was told to just a small amount of CBD oil on my temples and within an hour, I had no more headache. If you like, so many others are curious about the benefits of CBD, those of us at Open Leaf CBD would be more than happy to help you pick something out just for you. As always, talk with your doctor as well.

Since then I have used a CBD tincture every day and night for the past seven months. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had “The Headache.”

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