OpenLeaf CBD: Success Stories – Part Two

I met “Sara” standing in line at the CVS Pharmacy one Sunday afternoon. I was looking through the magazine “The Complete Guide To CBD” while waiting for my prescriptions when she turned to me and asked, “have you tried any of that stuff?” I lifted my head because I wasn’t sure if she was speaking to me, saw she was glaring right at me so I said, “CBD? Oh yeah,” with the biggest grin I could give. From there began a thirty (30) minute conversation about CBD and not only what I’d learned, but how it works for me. Before I came to OpenLeaf, I was sketical and confused because I didn’t know where to start. I knew by talking to her that she was also a little confused but had terrible wrist pain and said she was willing to give CBD a try. I told her to look us up, see which location would be good for her and one of us would be glad to help her. I honestly didn’t think I’d see her again.

Within a week, to my surprise, “Sara” came waltzing in, smiling like she’d just won a prize. “Here you are!” She exclaimed, throwing her hands up. Still smiling, she makes her way over to me and I come out from behind the high counter (if you’ve been in my store, you know what I mean) and around the glass cabinets. She goes on to say she’s so glad she found me and could I please give her the same exact thing I told her about; her shoulder is bothering her more lately. Now, I am a HUGE fan of our muscle cream. It is 2000mg of pure CBD and even though it does have a strong smell, it fades. The best part? Man it works. “Sara” had fallen about a year ago while jogging through a trail she admits now she wasn’t familiar with. She said she came up upon the hole as she running, but didn’t realize how big it was until she tried to clear it. She said she picked up her speed with every intension of jumping over that hole. She didnt jump far enough, caught the edge and when she felt herself falling, stuck her arms out to catch herself. She said she felt her right wrist snap and she knew it was broken. Fast forward a year later after surgery, she was still having incredible pain and a lot of inflammation. Now fast forward eight (8) months later after OpenLeaf Muscle Cream and here is just a little of the email she sent me.

“I don’t know what else you guys put in that CBD muscle cream, but I simply love it,” the first part of her email said. “I started running again but I’m putting the muscle cream on my thighs as well as wrist. I’ve been using this stuff ever since you recommended it and I use it twice a day. It’s been a game changer for me,” Sara said in conclusion. “I wish I’d found out about this a while ago. I know I would have saved a lot more money on PT (physical therapy) when I broke my wrist. This is the God’s honest truth, I can feel like the screws are trying to come out but it’s just inflammation. I can rub wrist with that muscle cream and it’s a million times better. It’s amazing. Thanks OpenLeaf CBD and thanks Melissa!”

I would be Melissa, by the way, in case you were wondering. You know, it is genuinely helping people find whatever they need; whether it be a tinture, roll-on, cream, or gummies, is what I love but it is also being able to recommend a true quality product I know will work.

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