Tips On Staying Cool This Summer With Delta 8

It seems as though you just blink and time flies by. Just last week, here in Georgia where the weather definitely has a mind of its own, it was 44 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by noon. Summer brings a lot of fun; lakeside bbq’s, beach vacay trips, and Atlanta Braves baseball (had to throw that one in there). Summer also brings the heat so I thought I’d make a list of tips to help stay cool.

1. Keep those shades on!

You know those sunglasses you’ve been eyeing? Go ahead and get ’em. The sun is crazy damaging to our eyes and those sunglasses will provide the extra protection you need if you are out in it, especially all day.

2. Try some summertime vape flavors 🙂

Here at OpenLeaf CBD we have some of the very best quality vapes. We carry Eightsix Brand, Earthy Select and 3Chi just to name a few. With summertime flavors like Eightsix Brand’s Berry Slush or Earthy Select’s Cherry Pie, you’ll get a much needed cool on an already hot day.

3. Put on a hat – protect your head!

To some, the hat is a very important accessory for a summertime wardrobe. In addition to keeping that scorchin’ sun off your head, it will also protect the rest of your face. Look for OpenLeaf CBD merch coming soon. Not only will you support your local business and favorite CBD store, you’ll look dang good doing it!

4. Drink something ICE cold

When it is hot outside, nothing quenches your thrist like an ICE cold beverage; whether it be an adult beverage, something carbonated and/or fruity. At OpenLeaf CBD, we carry a Delta 8 drink that comes in a variety of flavors. Stickey Ed’s STR8 Delta 8 drink offers 8 ounces – 52.2 mg per oz – that’s 420 mg of Delta 8!! They are good cold but even better from the feeezer. You may not think so, but this drink sure packs a punch and is perfect for beating that summer thirst.

5. Freeze your gummies!

I definitely saved the very best tip for last! One of the best places to keep your OpenLeaf CBD Delta 8 “Gummy Sours” is the fridge or freezer. When kept in an air-tight container, placing them in the fridge or freezer is a good way for them to stay fresh. Not only will they taste super great, they will be the perfect cool to beat that summer sizzle!

I hope this helped in giving you some ideas on staying cool this summer with Delta 8. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, protect yourself from those crazy sun rays and feel great while beating the heat with some of your fav Delta 8 products from those of us at OpenLeaf CBD.

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