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Do you know most people lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day? You don’t even know that you are “shedding” these 50 to 100 strands but when you have hair loss, you can’t afford to lose any! Permanent hair loss looks a lot different that just those mere strands of hair I mentioned. Alopecia, or hair loss can affect your whole body, not just your scalp. Hair loss can be caused by several factors such as some kind of emotional or physical trauma, hormones (always my favorite), genetics and medical issues. Prescribed medications and medicated shampoos are some of the standard ways of preventing hair loss but recent studies show CBD oil can stimulate hair regrowth.

Our skin and hair contain tiny receptors that respond to external cannabinoid use, like CBD. When the oil is applied topically, those receptors then help promote new strands, new growth. Dr. Jeanette Graf, M. D. – Board-Certified Dermatologist (and a lot of other cool titles) says the properties in CBD hair products can strengthen hair and ultimately prevent hair loss. Think of it this way: hair growth slows or stops due to a number or reasons – it could be one of the factors already mentioned, and also shrinking hair follicles and even stress.

She also says CBD carries antioxidants that not only promote a healthy scalp but it then encourages slow or stagnant hair follicles to grow. CBD infused hair products reduce the inflammation of your scalp, moisturize the hair follicles and improve blood circulation – the result is overall healthy hair. Excess inflammation or irritation in the scalp can hinder normal hair growth. The best news is that anyone can use CBD in their hair; regardless of their hair type, texture, or level of color. It is really good for those who are constantly experiencing breakage. CBD strengthens the protein in your hair and protects strands from breakage in the future. Since it’s a natural ingredient, it won’t effect chemically treated hair, either.

I mentioned the benefit of using CBD infused shampoo, but in recent studies, when CBD oil was applied directly to the scalp, it was way more effective. You can always mix your CBD oil and shampoo together, but it would be diluted.

If you decide that you’d like to give CBD oil for hair loss as always we would love for you to come see us at any of our SIX locations. But just in case you can’t get this way, here are some tips that may come in handy; 1. Choose one that is Full Spectrum CBD – that means every aspect of the plant is used and has low levels of THC. 2. Broad Spectrum is also good – it has multiple cannabinoids (CBG & CBN) naturally found in the Cannabis plant, not including THC. 3. Do your research! Ask questions! That’s what we are here for!

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