OpenLeaf CBD – Head High Vs. Body High

Did you know different strains of cannabis can influence the kind of high you experience? If you are working under pressure, you might reach for something that’s going to help you focus. If you are coming to end of something like “the case of the Monday’s” (Office Space), you are going to reach for something that’s going to put you on the couch with a severe case of RELAXATION. The first scenario would be the example of a head high while the latter is more of a body high. So how do you determine which one is right for you?

There are two major classifications: Indica and Sativa. They look different and their properties are different as well. Sativa plants have been said to give that head high while Indica gives you a body high, although there has never been a scientific study where someone has had one of each and said “how does this make you feel?” Dr. Troy Spindle of John Hopkins University, who has studied the effects of cannabis on adults, points out that most cannabis plants these days are hybrids because of crossbreeding.

Also keep in mind how you consume cannabis affects how you feel. Of course if you smoke or vape, you’re more likely to feel it’s effects faster than by eating an infused product. Everyone is different; an edible can take up to 45 minutes or sometimes you might not feel the effects until 2 hrs later. With edibles, this is a common mistake. My first experience with an edible was pretty intense because I didn’t wait as they recommended. As with anything, it’s best to be patient. I didn’t exercise patience at all and was way too high. If I told the whole story, I’m sure you would be laughing so hard, you’d fall out of your chair. If this happens to you, it’s best to sleep it off.

So what does a body high really feel like? It is said that a body high is like “couch-lock”; being totally relaxed and not wanting to move. You may even tingle all over. This is associated with Indica strains. Body highs are perfect for when you want to shake off that stress from the work day. And a head high? You feel productive and perhaps focused. You may also be extremely happy but consume too much and the happiness may turn into restlessness and anxiety. My experience has been that with either strain, I’m almost always relaxed. That’s why I don’t use my vape at work!! I would LOVE to be able to smoke and feel productive; I would love to be able to smoke and write but I always end up with a great story, fall asleep and can’t remember it. Here are a few ways to differentiate the kind of high being experienced:

Body highs heighten physical sensations; also known for their powerful relaxation effects, you may feel less functional, making body highs great for binge watching your favorite police/crime drama (Major Crimes). You may also be less talkative.

Head highs alter mood; often resulting in a brighter mood and less laziness. Controlled head highs are great for working out.

Body highs are great for treating pain and promoting relaxation. Since body highs are focused on the body, they may prove a good option for people experiencing some sort of pain. It also may enhance sexual awareness.

Head highs are great for social or creative situations. It can also help ease social anxiety, making situations fun. Creative activities like writing or painting seem to be come easier. (Like I said before, I wish this was me.)

The BEST news about all this? We have Indica AND Sativa products at each of the OpenLeaf CBD locations. And even more GREAT news? will be back up & running before the end of July! Be sure to check back for more information & until next time….

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