OpenLeaf CBD: Introducing 50mg Delta 9 Gummies!

A few weeks ago, all of our stores had the immense pleasure of having Delta 9 THC 50MG gummies. What is Delta 9? That’s is your tetrahydrocannabinoil and even though in the state of Georgia, we are only allowed to carry just LESS than three precent. The reason we are so excited about these D9 gummies is because currently, we are the only store that has them in a 50 MG gummy.

Since we started carrying them in each of our stores, the feedback and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. They come in a jar of 5 and come in 2 flavors, Raspberry and blueberry. I’d like to tell you that one flavor is better than the other but they are both equally delicious. Some gummies have a rubbery kind of texture, but there are so soft, they can melt in your mouth.

I will also tell you these are unlike any gummies or anything before; even if you are a veteran. They are so strong we recommend that you take a quarter of one gummy first. There are been reports of being high even the next day. Our demand for these havent quite surpassed Mrs. Walkers Famous Brownies, but I will say come and get them while they are still in stock!

In case you aren’t familiar with Mrs. Walkers Famous Brownies, you MUST run – don’t walk – to any of our locations and get a brownie! They are made with equal parts CBD and equal parts D8 THC. I can promise you, as with the D9 gummies, these will definitely knock you on you behind! As with the gummies, we recommend you start with a small piece and work your way up. Please do not operate heavy machinery and please do not drive.

BUT definitely come see us – at any of our locations and check out our edible line! You’ll be SO glad you did!

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