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At Openleaf CBD we love that we are up to date on all things CBD and Delta 8. By now you’ve heard of about Delta 9 and Delta 10 – but what about Delta 11? THC-H? THC-jd? Sound pretty interesting, right? I am pretty excited to tell you all about them!

Why are there so many forms of THC? The truth is as a Cannabis plant, it’s very complex. Each Cannabinoid has it’s multiple forms; THC does as well. Because of it’s special chemical structure, THC has more variants than other cannabinoids. THC chemical structure can be changed by rearranging the location of the double bond. Nature does this automatically, leading to your D8, D10, D11 and other forms.

So what’s Delta 11 and what are the benefits? Delta 11 is a rare but natural variant of THC quantities in many strains of cannabis. It has been verified as being genuine although no more information has been published since 1990. The benefits remain unknown at this point. Many scientists are aware that exists but it hasn’t been studied in detail like your D8.

THC-H has been called the next big player in the cannabis industry. It stands for Tetrahydrocannabihexol and is the second most potent cannabinoid in all of the Hemp plant, with a strength to be 25 times stronger than THC. THC-H is a hexyl homolog of D9 so their molecules are identical. With that being said, it’s great for sleep, anxiety and pain. It was discovered in the year 2020 by the same scientific team that discovered THC-P.

A lot of what we do know is that it is considered the second most highest cannabinoid in hemp followed by THC-P. It has also been said that the high is similar to THC-P as well. Since it is relatively new, there won’t be a lot of clinical trails or studies on its therapeutic benefits. Keep in mind that all cannabinoids work within your endocannabinoid system.

THC-jd is a very RARE octyl cannabinoid and THC isomer found in all varieties of cannabis, including hemp and marijuana. It is said that it is 19 times more potent that THC and 25 times more potent that D8 or D10. It’s effects are very potent, giving the user a euphoric type high. Some have reported even sedation and “couch-lock.” Just like THC-H, it’s benefits are still unknown and we suggest that you start with a low dose because of its reported being as so potent, consuming too much could lead to some uncomfortable side effects.

As with anything, you know we recommend you speaking with a medical professional in case you are taking any form of medication. Remember that these cannabinoid can effect different people, different ways. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. As new case studies and trials come out, you will definitely find out about it here!

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