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Can’t keep up with the new strains? No problem! We’ve got you covered. It does seem like there is always a new strain coming out, or you’re always hearing about something being “stronger” than D8, D10, or etc. Because I am a HUGE nerd, and I say that with all the love in my heart, I love to learn about…well, anything. This is what I found out so far about THC-P and Delta 9o!

I have to give it to the Italians; not only do they have some of the best food in the world, have a fantastic language but they are a of researching bunch! Leave it to them to find a cannabiniod that has never been found before and tested. And what do they do? They take it apart and put it back together again (test and retest). What is THC-P? Lets find out.

THC-P stands for Tetrahyrdocannabiphorol. It occurs naturally but only in low levels. Although discovered in 2019, the only research that’s really on hand is exploring the safety and potency. It can be extracted and isolated from Hemp and marijuana using specific techniques. So far we know it “appears” to bind with the CB1 receptors 33 more times often than D9. Because it is in low levels, it has to synthetically made in a lab to study it further.

Another new one on the market that we at OpenLeaf CBD are pretty excited about is Delta 9o. Delta 9o is your basic Delta 9 THC with an extra kick. What they did with this amazing strain is take Delta 9 THC from hemp and added acetate. Just to refresh your memory, acetate is is a form of salt, ester, or anion compound form from acetic acid. It sounds familiar because it’s similar to the making process of THC-O and HHC-O. Why even bother making it right? Remember, THC is not legal in every state, hence the production of Delta 8, Delta 10, so forth and so on.

Like traditional THC, it offers the same effects. Because of the way it is made, it’s easier for the body to absorb and it will get you high faster. As long as it is We have already started carrying the D9o and so far the response has been nothing less than positive. Although we do carry D8, D10, THC-O and HHC-O, we are really a CBD store. Our main goal and focus is health and wellness.

Just a a little side note; we had some issues with our website being under construction again. But we are so proud to say that once it is all finished, we will be able to order online and ship it within a day! I want to say again thank you for all the readers out there who read this blog.

We hope you’ll come in and not only shop with us, but be a member of our rewards program! As always we certainly appreciate your business and thank you for shopping with us!

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