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Hello out there to all our OpenLeaf customers and avid blog readers!! I wanted to start this blog off with saying – as I have mentioned before – we (all locations) pride ourselves as having as much knowledge about CBD, THC, Delta 8, 10, THC-O, etc., as we possibly can and learning each and every new topic that comes out! It has come to our attention that one of our stores may have given out some misinformation. For this, we are truly sorry. It was an isolated incident and a mistake we surely will not duplicate. We appreciate each and every one of you as we know OpenLeaf CBD would not be where it is today with your continued support! Now on to the main topic….

The world of bodybuilding is competitive. It’s more than just weight training; it involves meal planning and taking the right supplements to improve muscle and overall strength. There are supplements like protein and creatine, but what about CBD? Is there any room for it among these more popular ones? During researching this topic, I found recent studies have shown that CBD oil can be useful to body builders because of CBD’s healing properties for inflammation and muscle recovery. CBD can assist with sore muscles but improves your immune system; overall health in general.

Here are some of the ways CBD can benefit body builders and muscle enthusiasts:

  1. Increased energy. CBD can help maintain the right glucose levels in your body. Helping to maintain glucose in turns affects your insulin levels. High insulin levels will turn glucose into fat whereas low levels will turn it in energy. Trust me, no one wants a low level of energy while weight training.
  2. Sleep. A lot of muscle recovery is happening in your sleep and make you heal faster. A lack of rest and sleep makes it difficult to convert protein into muscle. CBD has been shown to improve sleep which helps heal muscles that are damaged.
  3. Decrease stress. When that nasty hormone cortisol (that regulates stress levels) is at high levels, it can reduce muscle growth. CBD can reduce stress levels which automatically reduces the production of cortisol.
  4. Inflammation & muscle recovery. CBD can help diminish constant chronic inflammation as well as aiding in muscle recovery.

You can use CBD either before or after your work out. If you are going to use it pre-workout, give it at least two hours before you start. CBD post-workout help with muscle recovery and minimize muscle soreness.

Lastly, before using CBD we recommend consulting with your health care provider, especially if you are taking any kind of medication. The reason for that is because CBD has been known to interact with certain medications. Just like with any other supplement, read the labels and ask questions before you add CBD to your workout routine.

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