What is live resin?

Live resin is cannabis concentrate extracted from freshly harvested marijuana plants. It comes from a fresh plant instead of a dried to cured plant. Its texture is known as wax, shatter, jelly, butter, or sap. It is a golden color and is very sticky so you will need a dab tool to handle it. It is definitely becoming a favorite for people who are dabbers or vapers. The live resin so special is due to the THC being so rich. However, it is flash frozen as soon as it is harvested, so it does not lose its flavor, also known as preserved. This process is very important when producing live resin. The reason it is extracted from a fresh plant is, they have found in research if you use a drying plant some of the terpenes are lost. Therefore if it is extracted from the fresh plant the terpenes are stronger. Live resin maintains the original terpene strain after it is processed. It holds on to the taste, smell, and terpene profile from the flower it started off as.

If you do get some live resin, make sure you store it away from heat, moisture, light, and open air. It needs to be stored in an airtight container and in a dark place so it will maintain its consistency and texture. It will also help the cannabinoids and terpenes from evaporating. Therefore, make sure you place it in a cool place such as a cold room or a refrigerator, so it does not lose its potency.

When you use live resin, you can wrap it around your blunt, add it to a pipe with your flower, or by dabbing. Dabbing is the most popular way for it to be done. Just add it to your bong, heat it, and inhale the vapor from it. Dabbing can also be very risky because you can get the resin too hot which makes the vapor you inhale too hot. There are products you can buy such as carts and disposables that have live resin in them as well as disposables. Vape carts and disposables are the most common use for live resin. When you purchase something with live resin in it. Doing live resin this way is much safer due to the fact the heat that gets to it for you to inhale is the same. It may be more expensive due to the complicated process labs go through to process it but it’s very much worth it.

The best strains for production vary. The most popular are sour diesel, white widow, northern lights, and sunset sherbet. No matter what strain is pulled from the plant, each type will give you a different effect. For instance, the white widow may get you way up there right where you want to be. Then you try sunset sherbet, but you don’t get the same feeling. It is not as productive as the other. So, each one can affect you differently.


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