What strain is best for you?

Cannabis is a plant that has been around for years. It is know for its psychoactive and non psychoactive effects. There are three strains of cannabis and they are indicia, sativa, and hybrid. They are alike but yet different in many ways. People use it for medical purposes and some it is for recreational purposes. Its helps people with pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, skin irritation, erectile dysfuntion, focus, and so much more.

The indica strain is lower in THC but higher in CBD which is great for medical benefits. It is very soothing, can help with inducing sleep, relaxation, muscle relaxer, increase appetite, and helps with pain and nausea.  If you are looking for something to help calm you from a hard or long day, this will help you. This is for people to use in the evening that need help unwinding from what they went through during the day.

The sativa strain is higher in THC and lower in CBD. It gives you an euphoria feeling that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. This means you get energized, happy, on the go, cant sit still feeling so you can get things done. It can also help you to focus and be creative. This is for people to use in the morning or during the say who need that extra boost to get them through the day. This is not recommended for night time use unless your going out for the evening and want that uplifting boost.

The hybrid strain is a combination of indica and sativa which gives you an energizing effect and sedative at the same time. The THC and CBD levels in a hybrid plant depend on if it is indica or sativa dominant.    If the effect you are looking for is a combination of indica and sativa . Then hybrid is what you need to go for especially if you are looking for a physical and metal relief. With hybrid it could go either way. If you decide to try the hybrid strain, I would recommend mid afternoon so you can see how it will effect you. If it makes you sleepy then you know it is for night time use. If it picks you up then you know it is for daytime use.  

All three of the strains come in different forms. You can buy them as a cart, disposable, edible, tincture, lotions/creams, roll-on, and even flower to roll to smoke. There are many benefits of these three strains and they are all being studied for their potential benefits. You can experiment with all three to find out which one is the best for you.







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