What are terpenes and their benefits?

Marijuana terpenes have been used for years in traditional medicine and aromatherapy. Terpenes are in marijuana plants and it high in concentration. Cannabis has over a hundred different terpenes that are produced in the resin glands. It does have its own flavor, aroma, and each is different in the strains. This is why marijuana has different smells and taste. In the production of cannabis, terpenes are withdrawn as the plant dries and cures. The terpenes offer so many different therapeutic benefits. They do this by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Its offers an entourage effect which means it produces a beneficial effect of healing.

The most popular terpene is myrcene due to it makes up 65% of the profile in some strains. Myrcene is for chronic pain, helps reduce inflammation anti-depressant, and may be used in cancer treatments. Limonene is the next choice of terpenes due to it producing a citrus aroma. It help enhance your mood and study has found it may also help reduce the size of tumors. Linalool helps to induce sleep and produces relaxation and it is very useful for chronic pain. This would be good for someone with insomnia or having a hard time winding down in the evening. Carophyllene is a strong spicy aroma and is known to help with inflammation, pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, fungal and bacterial infections. They are studying to see if it will help people with alcohol and opioid addiction. Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene helps to improve airflow in the lungs, pain relief, help combat short term memory, anti-anxiety, and respiratory functions. It can also be used for flavor in oils and diffuser and has an aroma of pine trees. Humulene has the properties of appetite suppressing and it may very well help with inflammation. Terpineol is rare but is known for mood enhancement, its calming effects, inflammation, and kills bacteria. Valencene is exotic and can help with repelling those pesky insects. Terpinolene will induce drowsiness and may reduce anxiety as well as stress. Geraniol has been studied and is known to offer neuroprotection benefits.

These few I have listed with their benefits are the first choice of terpenes that are chosen for products. As you can see they offer so many different benefits that can help you in many different ways. There are secondary terpenes in cannabis  that offer many benefits as well. Those will be posted in the next blog. When people think of marijuana, their first thought is that’s going to get me high. That is not always the case. When it is processed into a product, you can purchase products that will not give you the psychoactive effect.  


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