Why do terpenes matter to cannabis?

Terpenes are found in plants which is responsible for the smell of the plant. Some are able to recover from damage due to the protective role the terpene plays. It is also found in some animals and it is found in cannabis. Terpenes matter to cannabis because it is very important role for the flavor of the strain as well as the aroma. It also produces a profile for the plant. They are made by plants to protect themselves from insects, herbivores, and any other dangers that are brought on by the environment. Studies have been done on terpenes of all kinds and have been proven to be very beneficial to boost the immune system in humans.

In the cannabis plant, there are hundreds of terpenes and some of them are low in quantity. Terpenes give you the flavor and strain of the product. Terpenes do offer an elevation in your mood, feelings of pleasure, or may help you to relax. Terpenes can be used to infuse products to give the product itself a certain flavor, scent, and effect. The aroma of a product lets you know what terpene a strain contains. When infused, it is added to a tincture, edible, vapor, disposables, or carts. The many terpenes that have been found are linked to having medical impacts to help the body with asthma, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain, cancer cell growth, seizures, inflammation, nausea, and so much more. There is still much research that is being done. They are studying the terpenes, how it effects someone, what it is good for, and the medical benefits.

When you are shopping for products to help you with your need, keep a few things in mind. What aroma helps you when it comes to relaxation, sleep, pick you up and add a little pep to your step, clears your mind, helps with your stress or anxiety, or even relieves your pain. When choosing a strain, if possible, smell it as you would anything else you want to try and see if the aroma of it is satisfying to you.


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