What are URB Delta8/9+Live Resin 3500mg gummies?

These gummies are made of Delta 8, Delta 9, and Live Resin. These gummies are 100mg each and there are 35 gummies per container. That is 3,500mg of gummies in each container. There are several different flavors for you to choose from. We have blue watermelon, lavish fresa, tropical breeze, apple berri, and berry burst. These are some great tasting gummies that pack a punch.

Delta 8 is a psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant which is a sativa. Sativa makes you feel happy and gives you energy to get your day started. The potential benefits from Delta 8 are pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria feeling. Delta 9 is the main form of the cannabinoid, similar to Delta 8, and is more potent. It is  more potent due to the carbon double bond being in a different position than Delta 8. Delta 9 does have potential medical benefits such as helping with anxiety, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, and pain. The live resin in these gummies are flash frozen as soon as it is harvested. It is mixed between a wax and sauce. It has a flavor profile of the plant. The benefit of the live resin is the flavor it contains due to the preserved terpenes and the potency. Combining all those together you have a very flavorful, powerful punch gummy.

We recommend you cut each gummy into four pieces to start off with and work your way up to a whole one. As any edible it could take 30 minutes to an hour or longer for you to feel the full effect from it. When you eat a piece of one, allow time for it to take effect. Some customers have reported they are great to get their day started and keeps them focused. Others have reported it helps them to sleep and takes their pains away. It’s better to start off with a small piece and work your way up than it is to eat a whole one and have a bad experience.

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Author: OpenLeaf CBD

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