What is THCV and its benefits?

Tetrahycrocannabivarin is also known as THCV. It is a compound in cannabis with unique effects and medical benefits. THCV has a three carbon atoms while THC has five. THCV gives you different effects from THC even though the psychoactive properties vary. It works on the same receptors as THC but it blocks them instead of activating such as decreasing your appetite instead of giving you the munchies like THC will do.

THCV is mostly found in sativa and the strain particularly comes from Africa. Durban Poison is the most common strain but there are others such as cherry pie, dougs varin, pineapple purps, power plant, willie nelson, jack the ripper, durban cheese, and skunk #1. THCV has been known to decrease ones appetite which is why some people call it diet weed. This would be great for someone searching for something to help them loose weight. Anyone with an anorexia or already having problems with weight loss should stay away from this.If you struggle with obesity, this could be a suppressant for you to help stop those craving to loose some weight. THCV may also help people with diabetes. It can help your blood sugar levels regulate and reduce insulin levels. Someone that suffers from PTSD that has anxiety attacks. THCV can reduce the anxiety they have without suppressing emotions.THCV can help promote sleep which is great for someone struggling with insomnia and other sleep disorders. They have found that THCV promotes new bone cell growth. It is being tested to see if it will help someone with osteoporosis and other bone conditions. Researchers say it may also help reduces some psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia. There are many people that suffer from inflammation which is a big discomfort.

THCV has a range of benefits and deserves to be in the spotlight just like THC. Even though more research is needed on THCV, it is worth keeping an eye on. It is not completely clear as to what all benefits it has to offer but it is being studied for its full benefits.

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