What is THCM?

THCM is an extremely rare cannabinoid and stand for Tetrahydrocannabinol-Methoxy. There is no way to create THCM and the effects of it are unknown. THCM has not gotten much attention since the discovery of it.

It was detected in smoke in 1977 but has not gained much attention at all. It is unclear if THCM is formed naturally in the plant due to it being a metabolite of THC.  This means it is possible that THCM could be forming in THC or the cause of THC showing up on a drug test. It’s so rare that they are still trying to isolate it but each attempt has failed. There is not any proof that it is in a raw plant. This is because it was found in the smoke of cannabis flowers but not before burning it. There are no useful benefits or effects of THCM that have been found or confirmed. Since is it so hard to isolate THCM, researchers are unclear on what factors cause it to emerge in cannabis. Only a handful of research teams have confirmed the existence of THCM. It shows as an indicator of use in pregnant women and that’s because of the use of cannabis prior to becoming pregnant.

It is unknown if it is psychoactive or not and don’t even know if it has any benefits. The only thing we do know as of now, it comes from the smoke from burning cannabis. Much more study is needed for THCM to determine the benefits and the strength of it. As we know, there are so many benefits from the cannabis plant. I will be keeping up with THCM and posting any updates that I come across.

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