What is the cannabis growth cycle?

There are four distinct stages to growing cannabis. Those stages are germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. For indoor you must really understand the light cycle for it to grow properly at each stage. Each stage will have certain nutritional needs.

The germination stage of cannabis is when your are preparing for your seeds to sprout. This stage can last between 5-10 days. It has been know for one to sprout as early as tow day. In order for this process to happen the light cycle must be right. They require a certain amount of light but they also require a certain about of darkness. During this process, the seed that was planted is producing a root and a stem once it breaks through its dormancy. It is activating the growth of the seed. This is getting it prepared for the seedling stage.

The seedling stage of cannabis is when the cannabis plant reaches its first true stage and leaves start producing. This stage can last for 2-3 weeks and can be very crucial for the plant due to its growth and health. They got to have plenty of light with a moderate temperature with high humidity. When watering you have to be careful. One can mist the plant with water a couple times a day and give it plenty of hydration for it to grow. Your soil does not need to be soaked just moist.  You also have to make sure your cannabis plant is in the right container due to it needing room to grow and the ph balance is correct.  

The vegetative stage of cannabis is the stage between seedling and flowering and can last for 3-16 weeks. This is when the plant grows at a fast rate. It  takes a growth spurt in height and size, especially when it has the nutrients and carbon dioxide it needs. The plant will grow as much as it is allowed to depending on the conditions it is being grown in. During this time you can train the branches for growth and it the ideal time to start trimming. This stage also lets you know if it is a male or female plant. If it is a male plant, it will have sacs of pollen. If it is a female, it will have two white pistils. As it grows it will need more water but you want to water it near the stalk of the plant.

The flowering stage of a cannabis plant is the final stage. This stage can last from 6-11 weeks and does not require as much light. During this time the buds form. They start off by going through a transition and stretch which can take 1-3 weeks. From week 3-4 the budlets form. From week 4-6, the buds get bigger but it is weeks 6-8 for the buds to ripen. From week 8 and out the buds are ready to harvest.

When growing cannabis, there is a lot involved. Cannabis plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. Either way there is proper lighting that is required as well as the amount of darkness the plant or plants needs. You got to have the proper soil, ph balance, correct watering, right size containers, and so much more. There is a lot involved when growing cannabis as well as a process that you have to go through.

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