Does CBD fight Covid-19?

Cannabis, CBD, does have some medical properties. It has been approved by the FDA to treat seizure disorders but only prescribed by a doctor and the medication is epidiolex. Researchers are steady studying about cannabis to see what all it will help the human body with. Some studies show that it may help block infections with Covid 19. I’m not saying it will cure Covid so don’t run out and buy a bunch of CBD products.

Study and data does show that the compounds in cannabis, CBGA and CBDA when binned together, can stop the Covid virus from entering cells.  It blocks the pathway that COVID uses to infect cells. By doing this it prevents you from getting the infection from Covid since it cannot enter into the cells.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that one can benefit from. When someone gets Covid, their lungs become inflamed due to getting pneumonia or bronchitis. This means the lungs fill with fluid and it is difficult for one to breath.  That is why most are put on a ventilator. With CBD having anti-inflammatory properties it could possibly reduce the inflammation in your lungs. It is best to still get your vaccination, wear your mask, and social distance.

CBD can be used for so many different things. It would be beneficial to us all if they could prove it will help to fight against COVID. This is one study they need to keep working on due to everyone being able to benefit from it.

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