What is CBDA and its studies?

CBDA is known as cannabidiolic acid and is naturally produced in the cannabis and hemp plant. They have found that CBDA is produced in the acidic state. There are many different chemical compounds that are produced by the plant. Just so happens that the most common ones that are focused on is THC or CBD. They do study other compounds, do trials, and see what they work best for. There has been some evidence when tested in animals that CBDA is more potent than CBD. This is not just because it is being absorbed better but it is showing results of acting more powerful. They are doing studies with humans as well to see the benefits of it and what it helps people with according to the problems they are having.

What they have found so far that CBDA will help with is nausea/vomiting, pain, seizures, inflammation, potential cancer, anxiety, cognition, neurologic healing, and covid-19. Researchers are still studying this to see what all benefits it has to offer. CBDA is found in the flower, leaves, and stems of the hemp and cannabis plant. The percentage in cannabis plants is lower than the hemp. Its not psychoactive. It does convert over to CBD at room temperature over time. When the plant is growing and is exposed to sunlight or high heat it converts to CBD. It is more available and has a higher dosage in the plant. CBDA does not affect your cannabinoid receptors like CBD does. How one consumes CBDA depends on how much of it you receive before it converts to CBD.

I’m not saying any product that you buy will cure anything. However, it is found through research that the hemp plant does have many things to offer you. It can help you in different ways. What works for one person may not work for the next person. Everyone is different and has a different tolerance as well as different doses to help them.

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