What is a cannabis dispensary?

The local government regulates cannabis dispensaries with a retail store in the front of the building or an office. A dispensary is a facility that can legally sell medical and recreational cannabis. This is government regulated but it is not in all states.

Dispensary retail stores allow you to legally purchase cannabis products for medical or recreational use depending on the state. These dispensaries carry and sell a variety of cannabis products and most of them offer deals or discounts to the medical patients.

A medical dispensary is for anyone with a medical card. In order to enter the facility you must have proper documents such as your ID and medical card from your prescribing doctor. Don’t be surprised  when you walk in and greeted by a security guard. Once you check in with the receptionist and clearance is given, you will then be allowed in the dispensing area. If you are from a different state you will be asked to show proof of where you live with a piece of mail you receive at your address with your name on it or a bill in your name with your address on it.

A recreational dispensary allows anyone no matter where they live at over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis products. The products sold in this dispensary may be almost identical to what you would get in a medical dispensary. When you enter a recreational facility, it is a lot easier. Have your ID ready to show due to having to be 21 or older to enter. Upon entering you must check in with the receptionist. If you are already a customer then you may proceed to the shop, pick your products, purchase them, and be on your way. If you are a new customer, you will have to register with the receptionist before you do any shopping.

Not all states carry the same products. For instance, one state may not allow the dispensary to sell flower/bud but other states do allow it. Therefore, they can only sell products like disposables, carts, and tinctures. They do carry other products such as oils, topicals, waxes, salves, capsules, and many more.

Each state that has a dispensary has their own rules and regulations. You may want to check with them before you make the trip to get what you are looking for. The taxes you pay for medical are less to none. While taxes you pay for recreational may put a strain on the market in some states.

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