What is cannabis breeding?

There are different strains of cannabis. For them to get different strains they must breed the plants. When breeding plants it involves cross-pollination of two plants. You can cross two hybrids or pure strains. This is done by people that are experienced that want to create their own custom strain.  

Cannabis plants are either male or female. If you decide to cross breed you need to know the history of the seeds and the strains that were used. The goal when breeding is crossing 2 strains to get a new strain or you get a hybrid. Breeding plants is becoming very popular but there are some trial and error along the way.

The female plant is the one that everyone is most concerned about. It produces the bud that we are looking for. When you breed a plant it does have to have a male in order for it to pollinate. Once the plant is grown from the harvested seed a hybrid is created. Breeding can be done with a single female or you can breed up to 20 female plants in a chamber from just that one male plant. This will completely cover the plant with seeds. While this process happens the male plant will produce sacs that the pollen will be released from. You can let them do this on their own, apply the pollen directly to the female, or shake the pollen onto them. Once the female is pollinated it will continue to grow producing buds and seeds but the seeds will have genetics of both the male and female plant. The growing process is the same for all plants. When the seeds get harvested, the flowers are taken three to four weeks prior. The seeds you harvest are seeds you created and can be grown on their own. The seeds do carry more of the female traits in them than the male.

When they breed cannabis plant to make new strains there is a long process behind it. However, it does take time to do this and with there being home growers and industrial growers there will be many new strains produced. It’s very important to keep records of what you done. Keep a journal of the seeds you used, the strain, the process, everything step by step due to it being a success you will have something to back up what you did to be successful. It will also be very beneficial in knowing what traits you may get when breeding some plants. Anything you do is going to be trial and error. Its not always going to come out right on the first try. It takes time and practice to get it done correctly. Before starting anything always do your research and brainstorm. This will help you to NOT forget anything while going through the process.

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