What are the three different types of CBD?

CBD is very popular these days due to what it can help someone with. CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a compound found in marijuana. However it can be derived from a hemp plant as well as  non hemp plant. A non hemp plant is a plant that contains more CBD as  to where the cannabis CBD plant has THC in it which is the marijuana plant.

Cannabidiol is listed into 3 categories and they are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. Full spectrum has all the cannabinoids and compounds found in the plant. These occur naturally and they will have terpenes, essential oils, and flavonoids that may be beneficial to the body.it is believed to have increased therapeutic benefits. Broad spectrum contains everything that full spectrum CBD has but it only contains trace amounts of THC. Professionals do their best to remove all of the THC in the broad spectrum but it is very possible the a small trace can be still be present. It does have some terpenes as well as flavonoids in it from the plant. CBD isolate is the most purest form. This cannot create the entouraged effect due to the extraction process it goes through. The extraction process removes everything, leaving only the pure CBD compound. It does not have any terpenes or flavonoids in it and it contains 0% THC.

You can purchase different types of CBD products. The products will be full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. It all depends on what you are looking for in CBD. These are sold in capsules, tinctures, creams, topicals, vape pens, gummies, tongue sprays, bath bombs, etc. CBD will not give you an upper feeling like THC does. With CBD, you can get pain relief, help with depression, stress, anxiety, sleep, and so much more.

As always start off small and work you way up on dosage. That is with anything you decide to try. With anything you may choose to do to help you with anything is something you need to be consistent with. This is not something you take one dose of and say it didn’t work. This is something you can add to your daily routine such as taking it in the morning time or each night before you go to bed. CBD products are great and really do help with over all relief. It’s up to you as for what works best.

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