What is kava and is it good for you?

Kava is a root found in the South Pacific that people use to help them with anxiety and stress. It can help to elevate your mood, contentment, give you a relaxed feeling to help you with sleep, and some nervous disorders. You can purchase this in a drink, extract, or supplement.  However, when you study about kava, it has side effects just like anything else you may take.

Researchers have began to closely study kava and its effects. The chemicals in kava called kavapyrones or kavalactones are believed to be responsible for the effects it gives. It is known to cause weight loss as well as apathy. Apathy is when you have lack of interest or concern. This can happen after someone uses it over a period of time. Someone that does it in small doses may experience sleepiness, relaxation, loss of feeling in their throat and mouth, and even loose their appetite. If taken in a large dose you can get nausea, red eyes, dilated pupils, and have some muscle control issues. If you have heart, lung, or liver condition, drink alcohol, take prescription medication, breastfeeding, pregnant, or operate equipment then you need to avoid using kava because it is dangerous. Over a period of time, for one that has a long use of kava, it can cause problems like difficulty breathing, sensitivity to light, kidney and liver damage, flaky skin, loss of motivation, mental illnesses, mood swings, and it can also affect your white and red blood cells.  

Kava has been banned in the United Kingdom and Europe due to it causing liver toxicity. There were more than 100 cases of liver problems caused by kava. Some of these people had to get liver transplants while the other resulted in death. When kava is consumed, it depletes an antioxidant within the liver called glutathione. Some of these cases, people did have prior liver disease or they drank alcohol while using kava but some did not.

Kava does help someone short term but has long term effects that are severe. I would not recommend using kava in any form weather it be short or long term use. It has been used for a traditional remedy as well as a supplement for a very long time. The side effects people are experiencing and with research being done, it is due to kava. Kava has caused many health problems for people and many were not able to be reversed. Before you go out and get anything to take to help you with whatever you need it for. Consult your doctor so the best treatment can be made for you.

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