What is a Torch gummy and what can it do for you?

These Torch gummies give a punch. They are infused with cannabinoids that contain THC-P, THC-X, Delta 9, and Live Resin. Each container is 3,500 mg and each gummy is 175mg, they are vegan, gluten free and are infused not sprayed. You may be wondering what all that mean as we did when got them.

THC-P is a very strong cannabinoid that is thirty three times more potent than Delta 9  and is derived from the hemp like Delta 8 is. It occurs naturally in the plant,  is an analog of THC, and there amounts of it found are in small doses.  It does have psychoactive effects and gives one a euphoric feeling. It is known for its pain relief, anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, stimulating ones appetite, and reducing stress. When taking this gummy, some have reported they experienced a feeling of being relaxed and calm, but had a mental and physical buzz.

THC-X is a mixture of three cannabinoids. There are three esters called isovaleric, butyric, and acetoacetic. Basically they are sub-types of Delta 8 and appear to be very complex in molecules that include the four carbon chains.  THC-X is similar to THC as for the chemical structure but the compounds are not the same and it has fluorine atom. Therefore it changes how it binds to the receptors in your body. It activates several chemical reaction that can produce different effects.THC-X acts on the receptors in your body by regulating various functions. THC-X works by binding to you endocannabinoid system through your body like any other THC products. With THC-X, it can give different effects such as anti-inflammatory, pain relief, psychoactive effects,  chronic pain, nausea,  stimulate appetite, act as a sleep aid, relieve depression, anxiety, stress, and much more. Like the rest of the cannabinoids, more research is being done to find out its full potential.  It is possible for you to get a body high as well as a head high with THC-X. They have found that its potency is somewhere between the upper side of Delta 8 and Delta 9. It has a high euphoric impact and very quick to give you the effect you are looking for. It does work faster than Delta 8/9.

Delta 9 is the main form of the cannabinoid, similar to Delta 8, and is more potent. It is  more potent due to the carbon double bond being in a different position than Delta 8. It does occur naturally in the plant as is the most common naturally occurring intoxicating cannabinoid. With it occurring naturally its effects lead many to use marijuana recreationally. Delta 9 does have potential medical benefits such as helping with anxiety, insomnia, low appetite, nausea, and pain.

Live resin is cannabis concentrate extracted from freshly harvested marijuana plants. It comes from a fresh plant instead of a dried to cured plant. Its texture is known as wax, shatter, jelly, butter, or sap. It is a golden color and is very sticky so you will need a dab tool to handle it. It is definitely becoming a favorite for people who are dabbers or vapers. The live resin so special is due to the THC being so rich. However, it is flash frozen as soon as it is harvested, so it does not lose its flavor, also known as preserved. This process is very important when producing live resin. The reason it is extracted from a fresh plant is, they have found in research if you use a drying plant some of the terpenes are lost. Therefore if it is extracted from the fresh plant the terpenes are stronger. Live resin maintains the original terpene strain after it is processed. It holds on to the taste, smell, and terpene profile from the flower it started off as.

The effects of a Torch gummy may take longer for you to feel. With any edible, it can take 30 minutes to and hour or so for you to feel the full effects. It is always better to start off with a low dose. I would NOT recommend eating a whole gummy at one time. Start off with a quarter of a piece or smaller. It is always better to do to little and work you way up to the desired effect you are looking for. The gummy will reach its peak 2-3 hours after consumption.  When consuming one of these gummies, you may feel the effects of it for 4 to 8 hours. So be responsible when taking these. Its better to do to little and work your way up than to do to much at one time.

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