Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Georgia

Marijuana has been around for years and people use it recreational and medically.  If your planning to get a medical marijuana card in Georgia here are a few things you need to know. In Georgia, the Hope Act requires people that are going to use medical marijuana to be certified. A doctor will have to verify your conditions and decide if you qualify to receive it.

Georgia’s legalization began in 1980 when the state allowed patients that were suffering from glaucoma or cancer to use cannabis as a treatment option. However no program ever got started for it. Again in 2015, Georgia tried and a low THC program was passed. It didn’t take place until 2019 when the legislation started the program but it took until 2023 for it to be finalized. In spring of 2023 dispensaries started opening up in some areas.

In order to get a medical card you have to see your doctor to see if you qualify for it. This can be tricky due to finding a doctor who is willing to discuss it with you. A doctor that issues a prescription has to be licensed for it. They have to go through the proper training for it first.  Your doctor will look over your medical records, check your conditions, and see if you have the qualification for it. If you qualify for it, you will then be put into the states database by your doctor. About 15 days later you will receive a letter in the mail letting you know that you may go pick up your card from your local public health office but you do have to pay a $25 fee to get it.

To qualify for it in Georgia there are conditions that one must meet in order to obtain a medical card. These conditions are Aids that is severe or end stage, cancer that is end state/unmanageable nausea or vomiting/loss of body wight, Alzheimers disease that is severe or end stage, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis that is severe or end stage, severe autism, Crohn’s disease, epidermolysis bullosa, mitochondrial disease, multiple sclerosis is severe or end stage, Parkinson’s disease severe or end stage, PTSD, seizure disorders that are related to epilepsy or trauma to the head, sickle cell disease that is severe or end stage, severe Tourette’s syndrome, intractable pain, and patients that are in the hospice program. Patients in the hospice program can be home patients or hospital patients.

When you consult with your physician/doctor about medical marijuana they will discuss qualifications with you. If approved, you will only be allowed to possess 20 oz of low THC oil that is 5% or less THC. Here are 3 categories of  whom may apply: an adult with one or more diseases, legal guardian of an adult with one or more diseases, and a parent of a minor child with one or more diseases. If an adult has more than one legal guardian then all guardians can apply. With a minor child, if he/she has more that one guardian, then each guardian can apply for a card. If approved, your card will be sent to the county health department in your area for you to pick up. When you go to pick it up they will ask for your ID which has to be valid and the information on your ID must match the information on your medical card. Your medical card will be good for two years but you will have to see your doctor again in order to get it renewed. If for some reason you lose your card it must be reported to your doctor so they can get you a replacement card which will take about 15 days to be completed.

Before you go out and try to get your medical card gather as much information you  can about your medical condition to present to the physician that you are seeing. This will help the physician with diagnosing you. Things you may want to consider getting are records from the hospital if you have been, a print out of medications you are currently taking from you pharmacy, and any other medical records that you can obtain to present to the doctor you are going to see about getting a medical card. This will help speed things up a bit so the doctor you are going to see does not have to send medical request out to get your results/records. The information of you having a medical card is a private record. It can only be obtained by law enforcement if needed under certain circumstances. In order for you to purchase medical marijuana you must have a medical card even if it is issued from another state. Obtaining a medical card is a process. Not to mention the conditions one has to have in order to obtain a medical card.

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