What do cannabis consumers really look for?

Cannabis as we all know is very popular and some states are legal. There are dispensaries popping up everywhere. However, laws vary from state to state. When one is shopping for a cannabis product there is something they are looking for specifically to help them with their health. Others just use it for recreational use. So what is it that consumers are looking when they consume cannabis?

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used psychoactive substances used in the world.  The number of people who use cannabis did increase by 30% between 1998 to 2017. Since the pandemic, it has increased by another 18.9%. The younger generation is more likely to consume cannabis but there are studies that show there is roughly 5% of the older generation that are 65 and older that consume cannabis.

When consumers are shopping for any cannabis products, majority are just looking to get high. There are also a lot of people out there searching for something to really help them medically.There are different demographics that vary due to the frequency of use, cost, and other things. A college student may want to smoke while someone that is married may resort to an edible. Ones age, gender, income, education, parental status, sexuality, and ethnicity all play a roll in consumption of a product.

What most consumers really want is flower that is an affordable price but the THC plays a factor in it is as well as the strain. Consumers want to make sure they are getting their moneys worth so they look at the quality of the product. They are also wanting to know the aromas of how it will smells due to the aroma can put you in a certain mood. The potency of how strong it is so they will know how much they need to consume/the dosage. Is the packaging appealing for standing out to them to catch their eye while looking around. Are there any warning labels on it to let them know how it may harm them. These are all things consumers look for when shopping or are considering using it for the first time.

When you have a customer come in to your location ask them what their interest are. Not everyone is a smoker, so you wouldn’t want to offer them a disposable or cart. Explain to them about the products and how it can help them as to what they are looking for. Research is the key to knowing your products and how they can affect someone.

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