What type of cannabis consumer are you?

Cannabis  is a plant that contains THC which gives you a psychoactive feeling. You can buy this in the form of bud/flower to smoke, disposables, carts, edibles, topicals, and tinctures. There are may cannabis users all around the world. It comes in different forms for you to consume it. Its up to you which one you choose to try. Cannabis consumers fall into different categories such as social opportunist, silver dabbers, traditional lifestylers, medical purists, weekend enthusiasts, modern lifestylers, infrequent conservatives, discreet unwinders, and functional dependents. Which category do you fall under?

A social opportunist is someone who only chooses to do cannabis products a few times a year. Most likely when they do it, it is with a group of people. Its is less likely for you to buy your own and basically let your peers supply it to use with them. Silver dabbers are light cannabis users that may use it a couple times a month to get the relaxation effect if can give to someone. There are only about 14% of people in this category. The traditional lifestylers are heavy users and are young and single. They consume it daily, regardless of their income, they are high spenders. Medical purists are moderate consumers who medicate themselves. They have pain that medication will not help them with so they use cannabis for the relief. It is part of their daily routine for pain management, anxiety, and sleep. The weekend enthusiasts are mostly parents who use it on the weekends to help them relax and enjoy their free time. The modern lifestylers were also found to be heavy consumers of cannabis as well as CBD products. They use a very wide variety of products and most are in the recreational market but will go to a dispensary or supplies to use for a lot if different reasons. The infrequent conservatives are mostly married and have retired. This is the conservatives that consumes cannabis through the year to relax, share it with their friends, and will not even consider doing cannabis in any for other than flower. So edibles, tinctures, topicals they will not try. There are discreet unwinders are moderate users that use it when they are wanting to unwind while watching television or doing household chores. They also strongly believe in the health and wellness benefits of cannabis and CBD. The health and wellness benefits of it are for relaxation, pain, and stress relief. They aren’t new to the products and mostly likely started smoking at an early age in their teens. Last is the functional dependent. The functional dependents are heavy consumers who are high spenders spending $100 or more a month on cannabis, party real hard, and are young. There are 60% of purchases made with THC that is bought by males and 60% of the purchases made of CBD were by women.

The demands for it is high but the age group is a factor as to how much will be spent on a product. Get to know your consumers as to what they like, may be willing to try, whats appealing, etc.. Give them knowledge on what they are buying. Let them know what a product will do for them. Let them know to start off with small doses and work their way up. It is always better to do to little and work you way up than to do to much and be stuck.

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