Cooking with Cannabis and its benefits

When most people hear the word cannabis or hemp then think of something to smoke. Did you know you can cook with cannabis? That’s right you can cook with cannabis and still get all of the wonderful benefits it has to offer. It has benefits of helping with pain, nausea, muscle spasms, reduce cancer related symptoms, manage diabetes symptoms, and so much more. When you cook with cannabis you can control the effects you feel such as the psychoactive feeling. This is also a great choice if you are wanting to stop smoking or you are not a smoker.

A cannabis raw plant as well as its seeds are very nutritional. They are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The cannabis plant has essential oils to help with relieving stress and lifting you up. It provides phosphorus to give one energy and help with your bones, magnesium for nerve and muscle function, folate for DNA repair, iron for blood and oxygenation, vitamin c for your immune system, and vitamin k which is essential for blood clotting. If you want these benefits of it without the high then you can get it. Yes you can eat the raw plant and make a juice by adding some of the cannabis plant to it to drink for its benefits. You can also eat the seeds with or without the shell due to them being high in protein, fatty fiber, and the omega 6 & 3 fatty acids that are good for your health.

When you cook with cannabis you need to prepare it first. You finely grind it in to small pieces. Then you decarboxylize it by heating it in the oven at a certain temperature for a certain length of time to active the THC allowing for the maximum potency. When preparing it, make sure you only use what is needed for that meal. Start off with a low amount and work you way up until you get the desired taste you are looking for. When you cook with cannabis, it will locate and neutralize the pain you are suffering from for an extended amount of time compared to smoking it. Start off  by making some cannabutter. When you make cannabutter you can put some on your toast and see how it effects you. You can then go from there as to how much you need to cook with. After all it wont take much to cook with. Ones liver metabolizes the THC into a stronger influence so you must watch the amount you are planning on using in your recipe.

The benefits of cooking with cannabis can be very rewarding whether its raw or cooked. Make sure you properly store your cannabis by keeping it directly out of sunlight and in an airtight container. Just remember when cooking with it, the dosage is for you to get the desired effect. The potency of it is the type of cannabis you decide to use and knowing as well as understanding how to decarboxylize it correctly. Make it enjoyable for yourself and have fun experimenting with it. Cooking your favorite dish with cannabis can be an interesting way to prepare your dish or drizzle it over some popcorn. Either way you will not be disappointed.

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